Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A new project: Upgrade of the plaza

When we were building the resort, one of the features that I wanted was scraped due to budget.  I wanted to both meet our budget and at the time, large discount builders such as Global House had not come into town yet.  The only supplier of tiles and building supplies quoted me a decent price, but his choice of styles was limited to a couple of companies. There was nothing that I really liked. So we chose not to do the feature and instead opted for a cement base with some stamping to make it more attractive.  We would put on the tiles at a later date.

The Plaza at Marina Palms

Unfortunately, after some wear and tear the painted cement flooring is  starting to look a bit shabby.  Its an outdoor area that is set up for parties and receptions so we need a lot of flexibility in our design.  Here is an example of how its used for a large party.

Small reception and party

Anyway, I made the decision during the last two days to re-tile the entire plaza.  Its around 5000 square feet or 460 square meters and will be a major investment.  Once done, it will add a lot of elegance to the plaza which was how we wanted it to be in the first place.  I'm estimating the total cost should not exceed 110,000 baht (approximately $3,500 USD).  That comes out to about 60 cents per square foot.   Compared to  California, where the equivalent would cost me well over $50,000 USD,  ($10 per square foot) and you see why its such a bargain.

We ended up deciding on this tile design

Just for those interested, the cost for the tile will run about 150 baht per square meter and the cost for installation plus cement, etc. is another 100 baht per square meter.  I am adding another 10K for incidentals and contingency fund.  Any left over I think I will use to buy the workers something to eat and drink each day.  We are doing the material purchases and contracting ourselves instead of using the store services.

It will take about two weeks to deliver the tiles and so I will definitely be back in a couple of weeks to get the project rolling.  In the meantime, there is more work to never ceases for the wicket.  I will be looking forward to getting back to the mango for a bit of rest.

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