Friday, January 30, 2015

Back in the Mango....

Got back to the Big Mango yesterday afternoon.  B had an appointment Friday morning so it was either leave very early (like 5am), or come back Thursday.  I chose to come back early and get my beauty sleep Friday morning.

Met up with Bangkok Buddy for dinner at the Sizzler on Silom yesterday.  Its a great venue to eat and watch over the crowds getting off work.  The lines are not too long and the food is the same fare as in all the other restaurants.  Afterwards, we had a cup of coffee at the new True Coffee located on the ground floor.  This is a new place on the other side of the doorway of the McDonalds at the CP Tower building.  Both are directly across the street from Patpong. Its a strange setup however as the coffee shop closes at 7PM, just when all the action starts on Silom.  The McDonalds next door is open 24 hours and is a great place to people watch in the evening.

Da Foot in das mouth.....

On an unrelated topic, Thailand filed a complaint about critical comments made by US diplomat Daniel Russel on Monday during an university speech.  I happen to agree that his comments were not appropriate for the given situation.  Once again, this administration's lack of understanding and ignorance of the real situation is pushing our former friends and allies away to our rivals, such as China.  

Instead of finding out exactly how the people are feeling and how things really are running for the masses, they seem to be listening to who know what....maybe special interest groups associated with the prior government officials?    Don't they realize that imposing political ideology on countries is seen as meddling?  Plus our inconsistent application of our democratic values to fit the political venue seems so self serving.  On one hand we are commenting about Thailand's transition while at the same time we opening up relations with Cuba and supporting and funding puppet dictators in the middle east.  Why can't the US diplomats just keep their mouths shut and focus on shortening the lines at the Embassy?

Life in Thailand under the junta hasn't been bad.  The people that I talk to and live with everyday don't mind the situation and in fact, think the military is doing an excellent job or cleaning up corruption and keeping the order.  Give them some time..Life goes on.  Foreign companies still operate the same way, the tourists are happy, the beautiful girls are still beautiful,  and the delicious food tastes the same.  Granted some or most of the politicians are not happy that they can't express their views and steal any money, but they are the ones that created the mess that we were in before remember?...maybe they should shut up for a while or find another profession as they were failures.   Its just too bad we can't do the same in the US and throw out the whole bunch of politicians who run the country and do a reset and start over like here in the land of smiles.

Enough rambling, time to get ready for the free buffet tonight.  

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