Thursday, January 15, 2015

Belly Flops

Did you know that Jelly Belly Flops are made in Thailand?  In fact, a lot of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans and other products are made from the company's factory in Rayong.  The products that are made in Thailand are sold to all the international countries outside of the USA.  The factory in Fairfield, Ca., however, continues to serve the US market.

Jelly Belly jumped to stardom when then Govenor Ronald Regan had them regularly shipped to his office in Sacramento and then later to the White house.  He used the beans to help him kick his smoking habit.  They became so popular in fact, that they had a special flavor, blueberry, made up for his inauguration in 1981. The blueberry beans made up one of the three colors (red, white, and blue) in the 3 1/2 tons of candy that was shipped to the various inauguration activities.  Today, the jelly beans are world famous.

I had some business to attend to in Fairfield today and so I thought I would drop by the factory and visitor's center to pick up some gifts to take back to the Land of Smiles.  I do not believe there are any factory tours in their Rayong plant, and the candies are not widely available or popular in Thailand.  

Velda came along today for the ride

Candies and gifts at the visitors center store
Took a quick walk through of the store but did not want to wait for the factory tour.  Picked up some belly flops and 1/2 pound of the more exotic flavors from the various bins along the wall.  Belly flops are $3 USD per pound if you buy 5 bags.  Each bag weighs two pounds and you will get a total of five bags for $30.  Loose, mini beans are $5 per pound by weight.  For a long time fan of these beans, I've noticed that they have dramatically risen in price over the years.  Back in the early days of their development, the belly flops were only 50 cents per pound.  You could get a 10lb box for only $5.  

The irony of this story will be that I will be taking these beans, made in Thailand, bought in the USA, back to the land of smiles....555

The Factory Tour Bus

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