Friday, January 2, 2015

Cold Start to the New Year

Its been cold here in the Bay Area - freezing in some parts.  It may not be a big deal to those from the Midwest or back East, but to us California wimps, its cold.  To a guy who calls Bangkok home, its not fun at all.  I enjoy being outdoors, but having to wear layers and layers of clothes just doesn't make it fun anymore.

But I only have about 2 weeks left on this end of the bookend.  Talk daily with B and Marina and both are sick from a cold.  Seems like Thailand is going through a cold spell - its getting down to the 70s at night and even the mid to high 60s at times!  Talk about California wimps....  60s is short sleeve weather around here now!

The next couple of weeks are going to be busy.  Aside from wrapping up business on some income property, I have to get some work done on my new toy, Velda.  I've been trying to schedule this work for some time now with a local Mercedes mechanic.  Mr. L, was a former lead mechanic for a local MB dealership and now he owns his own independent shop.  His shop is very reasonable and his work top notch so there is always a queue to get on their service calendar, especially this time of year.  I am finally on their appointment calendar for next Monday to completely refurbish my steering system and to replace all four of my shocks.  With these changes, my little 560SL should feel like the day she came off the showroom floor - not that the ride isn't good now, but after 25 years, its doesn't have that  precise, crisp steering and smooth Mercedes ride anymore.  Everything else seems to be fine - the engine can really haul on the roads and is so quiet at idle that one doesn't even feel it running.

Electric hoist system to remove and store the hard-top
I also ordered an electric hoist for the hardtop this morning from  With the hoist, one person can take the hardtop on and off.  It will also provide a place to store it when I go 'topless'.  Plan to store the top up in the garage at our cabin at the lake.  Might never put it back on as I think the soft-top is fine for almost year around use here in the Bay Area...even in our coldest weather like today.

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