Sunday, January 25, 2015

Going up to the country

After taking care of a few things here in the Mango, its off to the country for a few days.  Just how long depends on how bored we get at the resort.  There is always plenty of work, but we do want to mix in some fun and recreation when we are there.  Unfortunately or should I so fortunately, its high season now and the resort has been nearly full every day so B's mother is looking for some help and reinforcements.  We gotta make the money when we can right?  So I expect our time there to be mostly work.

The tourists are definitely back as it was crowded at the salon today and when I took a stroll down to Khaosan Road, the outdoor restaurants and bars seem to be busy.  Everyone is looking for a business revival after the last few years of political turmoil.  Talking about political turmoil, Yingluck was indicted today by the NLA and OAG.  She says she plans to fight it, but its probably best for her to join her brother and enjoy their billionaire lifestyle abroad rather than being in jail.  At a future time when things are better, there might be an opportunity to return once things have settled down.  But that is my opinion, and its not worth a satang anywhere except here.

The 24hr Oneplus One invite has already been claimed, but I received three more yesterday for 5 days this time.  If you want one, please contact me before they expire.  I was told that you could buy the cheaper version with these invites also, namely the 16GB version for $299 plus shipping.  I'm temped to buy them myself just to resell locally in the LOS, but I can't get them shipped here.  If someone in the States is coming over in the next few weeks or month, and has some room in their bags, maybe we can work out some kind of deal.....

More later from the resort.

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