Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Home in the Mango

Posting from home in the big mango.  The trip from Taipei to BKK was rather uneventful except for a bit of turbulence just outside of Vietnam.  Got into the airport on time and was through immigration in 10 minutes.  Got my luggage and was on my way back to the condo just after noon time.  Its like old times, but the airport was full of people and the flight was also full.

Beware of this new airport scam.  As many of you are aware, they have put in a new system at the taxi stands at the airport.  Previously, you got a ticket from a girl at the table who wrote you out a ticket manually and then you were assigned a taxi driver.  The new system was supposed to eliminate the favoritism and letting drivers cherry pick fares, etc.  The way its suppose to work now is that a series of  kiosks  will automatically assign you a taxi in a predetermined lane.  You walk up to the kiosk, pick the destination and type of taxi you want, push a button and out comes a ticket with the taxi lane number.  You take the ticket and off you go to the taxi in the lane assigned and they have to take you.  

the old system that was set up for abuse

Well, they will always find a way around any system here in the LOS, and the scam goes like this:  First, they somehow have put most of the machines out of order.  On the remaining machines, they have someone who pushes the button on the screen as someone approaches and then hands them a ticket.  Sounds like good service right?  But all is not as it seems.  

Out of the side an official looking girl will hand out tickets to those with larger bags or those that look like first time tourists.  She did not get these tickets from the machine where this other guy is pushing the screen.  These other 'tickets' are for the larger taxis only...the ones with room for nine passengers, etc. and those charge a whole lot more.  They tried this scam on me at two different points in the area where one waits for the taxis.  On the second time, I handed the ticket back to the girl and asked for a regular taxi from the guy at the machine.  After heated words in which I told the girl that I've been taking 'regular' taxi with my three bags for more than ten years with no problem, so bug off.  You are supposed to be able to choose the type of taxi you want, not have someone assign them to you!  Also, you should be able to push the button on the Kisok yourself and not  allow someone to do it for you...who knows what destination they have selected and the size of the Taxi they have chosen.  AS THEY SAY, This is Thailand so for our blog readers, this is a heads up for airport taxis.  

Anyway, got a great 'regular' taxi guy and am now safe and sound at home.  Marina is making a racket and its hard to sleep, but I really don't care...its home and a nap is in order.


  1. Thanks for the heads-up. I might just take the train to Makkasan and then a taxi from there to my hotel in Huai Hwang. Might be cheaper this way, too.

  2. If you don't have too many bags, that's a very efficient and much cheaper way to get to Huai Hwang and vice versa.

  3. Yup. Took it the first time in 2010. Got off at Makkasan. Walked over to Petchaburi to catch MRT to Huai Hwang. The current airport transport options are so much better than on my first trip in 1998. Back then it was just taxis. I think it's even better than NYC. Definitely cheaper, safer and cleaner (e.g. no rats, urine, garbage in the train stations).


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