Thursday, January 22, 2015

Perfect Weather

The weather in the big mango has been perfect the last two days.  Its been 70 degrees in the morning with a high of about 90 during the hottest time of the day.  Most of the time, its in the 80s with not a drop of rain in sight.  Still as I was out and about ;yesterday, the locals were in long sleeves and complaining about the cold.  For me it was shorts and polo shirt time again!

The man that I buy Moo Bing from in the morning was asking if it was snowing in the USA and I told him, in parts its snowing so bad that there were pile ups of cars on the highway due to storms, but I was in California where it was better.  He thinks we are crazy to be living in someplace so cold - just like we, from the colder places on the planet, think the locals are unlucky to be stuck in the hot sticky climate of the mango.  

Met up with Bangkok Buddy yesterday to deliver his goodies that he ordered online.  Also added a couple of surprises - some cans of SPAM and a two pound bag of Jelly Belly Flops.  We spent a few hours by the window of a coffee shop on Silom sipping coffee and looking at all the eye candy.  The cool weather changes the fashion of the girls working down here in the business district.  They are wearing longer dresses with long sleeves, etc., and they look amazing.  It could also be my depraved state after being away from the land of smiles so long - but it sure is a big change over a cup of coffee at a Starbucks in California.

With today's availability of communications and transport, there is no reason anyone (except those living in Hawaii)  with the proper means and freedom could not always be in the 'sweet spot' of the best weather.  So now is the best time to visit the mango if you want good weather!  So come on over and hang out with us.

Lastly, paid a visit to the local Makro to stock up on supplies.  Bought diapers, formula, drinks, water, etc. sticker shock again....bought a whole cart of stuff and it came out to less than 2000 baht.  I'm used to double or triple that amount for a typical visit to the local Costco.  

So after 48hrs on this side of the is good again 

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