Monday, January 26, 2015

Spent the day revising the menu

Spent a big part of the day revising our food menu and making it look pretty.  We've started to serve some food items here at the resort due to popular demand.  Its pretty much been an informal kind of menu, with offerings depending on what we have on hand.  We never intended to run a restaurant at the resort and expected most of our guests to buy food from around the area, but we've found most just don't want to bother.

How about some French Toast for breakfast?

Anyway, we are now offering about twenty standard items that will be available 24 hrs a day.  From breakfast items (full American and Continental) to snacks, guests can order off the menu and get either room service, eat outside at one of the huts, or inside in the main room.  Its a wise move as beverages and food have become very good profit items, steadily increasing to nearly 30% of our total revenue.  Its would be foolish to not make it better and take advantage of the need.

Spring rolls for a quick snack with soda or beer

Snacks are very popular.  We will be offering spring rolls, French Fries, and even chicken wings.  They go great with beverages like beer, sodas, etc.  Makro turned out to be a great resource for food service items such as the pre-made frozen spring rolls in the above picture.  We just take them out of the freezer, plop them into the fryer and a few minutes later they are ready to serve hot! 

We will also have a couple of Traditional Thai dishes, sandwiches, spaghetti, and even microwave popcorn.  All of the items were designed to be easy to make as we don't have a full kitchen staff.   Our pictures are not pretty yet, but that will come later.

Anyway, enough talking about food...its time for a quick snack and some rest.

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