Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Chilling out in the EVA lounge.  Very routine now since I've been going this same route for many years now.  With my gold card I get three bags, which are usually full, plus priority boarding, check-in, and use of the lounge.  I am a happy and loyal customer.

Seems like the stop over is short this time because of DST, plus an earlier flight.  Will only have a 2 hour layover for a bite to eat and some quick shopping.  

Kind of a bumpy flight, especially the leg between Alaska and Russia.  Kept having those thoughts of the lost Malaysian and Air Asia flights...we were in the middle of no where, late at night, and by the on board tracker, it was -61 degrees outside.  But all was well and there is only one more short leg left.

There is nothing new to report from Taipei.  More later from the Mango

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