Sunday, January 25, 2015


Its about 8PM and I'm comfortably resting upcountry at the resort.  We got off to a late start today, and with my jet lag and all, I started a nap that ended up to be three hours long instead of one.  Anyway, everything is safe and secure and the trip was rather uneventful, except that there is a lot of activity on the road for a Sunday.

The difference in air quality is very apparent as we got further and further away from the Mango.  when we left late this morning, a brownish haze could be seen in the skyline and there was little or no wind.  The haze was present for almost 2 hours NE of the mango until we began climbing up into the high plateau.   Haven't seen it so bad in many years since the country implemented its program to replace the old diesel buses and trucks.   

We have only one room available tonight...not bad for a Sunday.  With the present situation, I have to think very hard about adding a couple of more bungalows.  The big fly in the ointment is not the cash required, but the fact that it changes our resort status from a guest house to a hotel classification.  That changes involves a whole lot of extra rules, reporting, and fees.  It may not be worth the effort for a couple of extra bungalows...if we had 15-20 rooms extra, that might make sense, but there isn't the demand for that big a place up here. 

Time to catch up with emails, the news, and get some food.  

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