Monday, February 16, 2015

A little tip for business owners in the Land of Smiles

You can't be everywhere at once...or can you?

One of the tools I use to keep track of everything in the LOS is technology.  Its impossible to be everywhere at one time, especially if you are half way around the world.  But with tools like DVRs and IP cameras, you can at least be closer.  The technology is not fool proof, but with the internet service getting very good here and relatively cheap, implementing video monitoring can be a very powerful way to stay in control of things.  Video monitoring is widespread in Thailand and accepted as a way of life.  

For example, I checked on the plaza tile job at the resort this morning via a tap into our security camera system.  I could see the workers real time and on some of my cameras I also have an audio link.  Even if I cannot see the process all day, the DVR on site is always recording everything that can be played back locally or remotely -- from anywhere in the world that I have internet access.

The IP cameras that I have installed at the Salon and in my condo keep me appraised of what is going on in those locations.  With those cameras, its even possible to view them on my smartphone -- once again from anywhere that I have internet access.

Lastly, to be positive its secure, I make sure all the passwords are not default passwords and are updated and changed regularly.  I also have a dynamic DNS service that allows me to dynamically set up the URL to what I want.  Aside from allowing the convenience of a link that is easier to remember, it allows allows the link to be changed dynamically to something else to provide additional security.

So here is an example of a screenshot I took of the work being done this morning at the resort.  I have real time video, but this is just a screenshot of that video.  Looks like they are making progress as the large area is about 2/3 covered.  All the edges and cuts remain, and those will take a lot longer...

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