Sunday, February 15, 2015

Back in the Mango.

Got back late this afternoon.  The tile workers for the plaza weren't working today and its going to take another week before they are finished.  Its a pretty straight forward job and its like watching the grass grow so I left it up to B's father to oversee the job and I will be back up there in a week for the final inspection and settle the bills.  That gives me a week in the mango and maybe some time for some vacation with my daughter Marina.  We've been working awfully hard since I got back and a little family time is long overdue.

My beach table and umbrellas are waiting for my arrival

She liked the beach so much last time I might go as early as tomorrow down to Hua Hin for a couple of days.  It will allow my maid Pond some time to deal with the dust a bit more.  The precious moments when the kids are this young go by very quickly and I want to enjoy every moment before they grow up and make some 'real' trouble...555

B bought her a new swim suit last week and this time I think we will try to get some plastic toys for the sand too.  The weather has been almost perfect as the heat has yet to show up and the days feel very much like being in the Islands.

Some beach time with B and Marina, hopefully some wind for flying my kites...priceless

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