Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cholesterol City... 99 baht Rib Eye Steak dinner

After a busy day with the tile people, it was too late to cook anything and I was starved for some food.  So it was off to the local street vendors for something to eat.  Its never difficult to find food in Bangkok.  If you are willing to move around a bit, there is food available 24 hrs a day from both established places like McDonalds to the hundreds of food vendors on the street that open late.

One of the things I miss in Thailand is a good steak dinner.  You know, the kind of steak that is sizzling on the platter with an order of french fries and lots of steak sauce.  American beef is almost impossible to find here, but there are lots of places where Australian beef can be purchased fresh or frozen.  

Steak, a little salad, french fries, and 1/2 slice of buttered toast

Tonight, because of my hunger, I broke down and ordered the steak dinner from one of street vendors that I pass all the time.  This little place offers Chicken and Steak on the grill and is very fast, so I got the Rib Eye Steak Dinner for 99 baht.  They also offer a T-Bone dinner for 150 baht.  There is usually a long queue of both Thais and Expats living in the area and I was lucky to be number three this evening. They also have tables on the sidewalk if you prefer to eat in, but its usually too hot for me to be eating steak outdoors so I always opt to take it home.

One Roti can  power you all day long! - 30 baht

So I got my steak dinner and then ran down to the Roti man, got my egg and banana rotti for dessert and I was in Cholesterol and Sugar Fix heaven.

Value of  the steak dinner, roti, and a Pepsi to wash it all down:  Priceless....

Actual cost:  149 baht.    That is why life is still good here in the big mango....

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