Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Got to see the commercials....

Got to see the "Top Ten" Superbowl commercials on YouTube.  Not an impressive lot except the Budweiser Beer and the new Jurassic World Movie trailer.  Maybe it was best that I missed them while watching the game here.  Anyway for those who didn't see the game, here are the commercials.

Except for a meeting with Barnaby to take delivery of his specially baked Sourdough bread (its fantastic by the way), I Spent the entire day getting the condo ready for the tile replacement.  Never knew I had so much stuff in such a small place.  But after 14  years of being in the same condo unit, and being a new father with lots of kiddie stuff, it was a challenge.  Decided to put all loose items into large rolling plastic bins and throw away old stuff that I forgot I had. This makes moving stuff around easily as the workers will do one side or one room at a time and use the other for storage while they tear up and re-tile the floor.

Boxes everywhere...also showing wooden floor that will be replaced with tile

Bought a nice imitation marble design which cost more than I expected, but since this is likely the last floor that I put into this condo, I thought it should be something nice as I have to live with it for a long while and we are not planning on moving any time soon.  The original flooring was the original flooring delivered with the condo.  After all these years and a bit of problem with water from the unit above and my maid using the wrong kind of floor cleaner, it was time to get something more indestructible and easier to keep clean.  

The workers are due here Thursday at 8AM and Home Pro will be delivering the tiles that day as well, which leaves me today with a little free time... so maybe its off to the archery range for a few hours!

Busy busy busy...but that's how I like it.  

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