Saturday, February 28, 2015

Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance

Got back to the mango Thursday night, but have been busy with a variety of chores...specifically maintenance items.  It started with Vanna getting her 80K service, to back here in the mango where the beverage refrigerator had to be defrosted, some laundry machine maintenance, and today my printer and PC are going to get their periodic 'blow-out' of all the dust and dirt than has settled inside the machines.  Once I got started, it looked like the vacuum machine needed to get cleaned out and the filters cleared as well.  The boxes of stuff from the tile job still need to be resorted and the old stuff given away or thrown out.  

Its not all play and party time living here in the LOS.  Its a dream come true living here, but the same old stuff needs to be done anywhere you choose to live - even here.  I'm a believer that with periodic maintenance and care, most of our material things can last a very long time and be reliable everyday you need to use it.  In the long run, it will be cheaper to own and definitely cheaper than buying a new replacement.

I did have a chance to go the free buffet last night.  Small crowd at the buffet but we did have a great meal of lap moo, sticky rice, veggies, and the usual fruit.  Got a great loaf of homemade rye bread from Barnaby too.  His previous loaf of home made 'demi' sourdough bread was spectacular - he said the sour taste was introduced via yogurt instead of the natural fermentation from dough yeast.  I will be anxious to give the rye bread a try.  Its not easy getting different kinds of bread here in Thailand and since Barnaby got his new oven, its been great to get some of his creations to remind us of the States.

Afterwards, we hung out at the parking lot and lobby for a bit.  Noticed that the parking lot scene has changed a lot.  More police patrols and stricter enforcement by the hotel's security people have pushed the action elsewhere on the Soi.

By the way, Google has changed it policy regarding porn on its blogger sites.  From now on, there will no longer be any porn on this blog...just torture from bad writing and boring narratives.  

Plan to be inside all day today...tomorrow its archery time.  

But first its chores, chores, chores...

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