Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Plaza done except for the grout

All  the tiles have been laid for the plaza.  The only remaining work is for the joints to be grouted.  They started today with three extra ladies and hopefully by tomorrow sometime the entire job will be done.  So far, they've used 60 bags of grout and they are only 1/2 way done.  

Women working in construction up here in the country is common.  In fact, much of the internal brickwork in the bungalows and cement work was done by women workers when we built the resort.  There is always someone looking for work here and the women up here can give most men in the states a trashing with one hand tied behind their backs.  They are strong and tough and not afraid of hard work in the hot sun.

Materials wise, this project has been a huge  undertaking.  We are down to just two boxes of tiles from a total of 645 boxes - yeah, I calculated correctly!  We've used 80 sacks of cement, and likely 120 small sacks of grout.  A pile of sand still sits behind the car port, but we can always use that in our landscaping and planting.  

Back breaking work in the hot sun...

Now that the plaza is done, its time to look for some tables and umbrellas.  The plaza will be a great place to have breakfast in the morning, or even lunch or dinner if its not too hot.  Our guests will enjoy the open space and hopefully we can improve our food sales.

The weather has been similar to  the central valley of California the last week or so with the temperatures reaching near 100F during the hottest part of the day but cooling to the 70s at night. The humidity is relatively low at around 50% peak and so the evenings are very pleasant out.  I know why people choose to live up here instead of the mango...I would too if there was a bit more activity and some golf and archery available.

One more day up here and it will be back to the Mango on Friday!  If things get done early, maybe head back tomorrow.

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