Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Real Wood furniture in the LOS

Went into town today for some food provisions and to visit the local market.  On the way back, they had this improvised market which comes from time to time to the center of town.  At one of the stalls, they had some nice wooden tables and chairs made from single slabs of tree slices.  B and her mother told me that they wanted me to see some similar tables in Ban Khwao a while back, but they said that these tables were a lot better looking.

Makes a great picnic or dinning/work table

They had a couple of redwood tables, but they also had some white wood that looked like gamboo, but its harder and more dense.  There was also a very unique grain running through the center which added a bit of character to the set.  Redwood tables here look like redwood, but they are a local wood from Burma with similar characteristics.  But our table is not as dark, which I liked.  Its also very obvious that the set was produced from the same tree, with matching grain and patterns in both the table and chairs.  Photo above after delivery and refinishing out in back.  This kind of wood is heavy and termite resistant.  It took four strong young bucks to unload the table from the truck so I am guessing that it weights upwards of 500lbs or 200 plus kilos just for the table.

Beautiful grain structure on all pieces

Nice thing about locally produced tables is that they are relatively cheap if you have the space and the inclination for rough wooden country style furniture.  This table set would be out of character in the big mango where everything is modern and chic, but here in the country resort, it fits in just fine.  Additionally, its real wood compared to the particle board covered with veneer stuff sold in most stores in the US.

Cost for this kind of furniture of decent quality should cost between 10K-12K baht delivered.  Haggle a lot as there is a big profit margin in this kind of product.

Also saw some swing chairs made from old wood, but that will have to wait for another day...like tomorrow...555

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