Sunday, February 22, 2015

Up At the resort

The plaza before the tile job...

Its been a fun few days in the Mango, but today I'm back up at the resort to check out the tile job for the plaza.  They are still working on the hard part - those cut pieces around the planters and the edges.  Its been a major job.  Almost 5000 pieces of tile, 80 plus bags of cement, and more than 12 days of work.  I was calculating that if they could put down 500 pieces of tile per day, it would take at least ten days and I was correct.  They are on the 11th day and are still not finished.  500 pieces of tile in ten hours is 50 pieces per hour.  That is one every 1.2 minutes - pretty fast considering they have to mix the cement, level the tiles, fit the tiles, etc.  It will cost me 100 baht per square meter or around 45K baht for the entire job - labor only.  My estimate is that it will take around 15 days so the average cost per day for two workers is around 3K per day.  

Up here, that's a good wage and for me, its a bargain compared to what I have to pay in Bangkok or more importantly, in California.  Its hard work and something I could do in my younger days, but it doesn't make sense if I can avoid the heat outside and provide some local employment to the locals.

A nap is in order.  I'll post some pictures tomorrow morning.

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