Saturday, February 14, 2015

Upcountry and Plaza Update

Its been hard posting because my condo was all messed up with the tile job.  With shelving and stuff sealed in plastic I didn't have access to a computer or a space to work on in the condo as it was full of stuff in boxes and there was dust everywhere.  At some point or another there were five or six workers in the unit, machines going, and wet cement and half broken tiles everywhere.  The best thing I could do was to stay away from the place and use my smart phone.  That unfortunately made my posting limited because I was stuck with a tiny keyboard on my phone.  Its great for email messages, but for anything longer, its a real hassle.

Dust everywhere - even got underneath the plastic

Anyway things are done at the condo and I'm in the country to oversee the Plaza resurfacing.  Unlike the condo, this job seems like it flowing very smoothly.  It being outside, there is no worries about the dust, the noise, and furniture moves.  The tiles are smaller and lighter and the job is being done with just two workers.  

boxes and boxes of tiles

Two workers with B's niece looking on...
The job is eight times larger, but it will cost me about the same in labor and will take about 10 days. There are 450 boxes of tiles and so far over 50 bags of cement and a large pile of sand in the back. The extra cement was necessary to ensure the surface was level and to add the proper drainage.  We are buying the tile grout today. 

big job...lots left to do

The tile pattern is visible in this photo

The weather has been perfect up here in the last month or so and working outside is very pleasant.  Its been in the 80s and low 90s with evening temperatures dipping into the upper 70s.  Humidity is low as it hasn't rained for a nearly a month.

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