Friday, February 13, 2015


Posting from upcountry.  Left the Mango around noon today as they had finished the tile job late yesterday.  Still dust everywhere, but I did what I could and will leave the rest to my good old maid, Pon.  Hope she doesn't quit on me.  The place looks completely different with the new tiles instead of the wooden floors.  The light color makes the condo look much larger.

Had to leave to come up here because they are working on the new tiles for the Plaza.  They have been at it for four days now and I wanted to make sure things were done properly before they got too far.  So far so good.  The best thing is that the prices up here are a lot cheaper than in BKK.  Its about 1/3 the price per square meter of what I paid for my condo.  Granted, I had much thicker tiles (about twice the normal thickness) and 30X30CM size tiles in the condo, but that's how things are here in the land of smiles.  My condo management office made things a lot harder with a whole bunch of rules about working hours, material storage, paper work, etc.  Up here in the country, its a lot easier and no hassle with the paperwork and management.

Will post some pictures tomorrow morning.

More tomorrow as I just got here and need a little power nap before dinner.  Miss my Friday night massage and free buffet...

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