Thursday, March 12, 2015

Back in the Mango

Left this morning and got back around 3PM.  Pleasant few days in the country and before I left, they were planting a couple of trees that B bought for me yesterday.  She has an appointment for tomorrow morning and I have the free buffet tomorrow so it was good timing to come back.

Bought me a Sathorn tree for shade near our bungalow.  Don't know much about the tree except that one of the local universities picked it as their official symbolic tree.  Supposed to be 'soft and strong' at the same time.  Is that a hint from B about me...especially the soft part ?????

While its a bit of a drive, I like to spend time in both places as they are so different.  Our resort is quiet and peaceful and the Mango is energetic, noisy, and full of activity day and night.  Just like the contrast between California and Thailand, the country offers a cleansing of the palate for the next bite of the big mango.  

Nothing to report.  Just busy working at the resort and looking forward to getting back to the archery range or golf driving range.  

Maybe even visit the golf club for some putting practice...choices, choices, choices.......

The big is good!

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