Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Back up and Kicking

We are back up and kicking on the resort computer system.  Found a couple of Zircon UPS units at Makro to replace the fried UPS.  I am hoping that two units will be a bit safer as I split the load between the various computer components.

The lighting strike damaged the wall outlet, the surge protector, and the UPS unit.  Scary stuff.  Good thing I wasn't here.  We've experienced everything up here this year.  A month or so ago, we had a brown out - a situation where we didn't lose power, but the power was at some strange voltage other than normal. The fans would run like at 1/2 speed and the aircon units will go into error mode.  The lights would go dimmer or out  completely depending on the type of light.  

A resort wide power generator wouldn't be practical as the service is generally pretty decent.  What would make sense is an emergency generator for those situations where we needed power during an extended outage.  Small generators are plentiful and cheap in the LOS so maybe a trip to Global House is in order this week.

I am using another plug on the other side of the room until our electrician is available.  

More later in the week.

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