Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Couple of busy days

The last couple days have been hectic, thus no blog posts.  Got all my 'chores' done except the unpacking of the boxes after the tile job.  The unpacking and sorting out the old stuff I want to throw away is going to take a bit longer.  Its a difficult process to throw away old things.  I know that for most of the stuff, its just junk or outdated stuff, but to me, each one has its own little history or story.  Moments of your past life, memories of when you bought it, how you used it, and the sentiment that maybe, maybe, someday you might find a way to use it again.

Old tee shirts are especially hard.  Many of them were 'event' shirts given out to participants or purchased when I attended.  They are worn and some date back over 10  years, but I don't want to throw them out.  I have some in the states that are over 25 years old and will likely never throw them out.

Same goes for hats and baseball caps.  I have some dating back over 15 years.  They're worn, dirty, and faded but each has its own memory and story which comes to life when you pick it up again to look at them.  I have two big bags of hats, some for golf and some from my kite events and travels around the planet.

Maybe the solution is to just take pictures of each of them before I toss them, but I'll have to think about that.  Besides, I'm in no rush to unpack anyway....maybe  I should just keep them in the bins and bring them up to the resort.  Plenty of space up there...555

Notary Services in the big mango.

To change the subject matter a bit, I had to get some documents notarized yesterday for one of my business deals in California.  I didn't want to fly back to just sign and notarized a document so I had to find a solution that would be acceptable to the legal folks and save me a trip back.  It turns out that the US Embassy offers notary services.  There are only two legal ways to get documents notarized outside the country.  The first is through the embassy, and the other is via a military officer if you are in the military.  Foreign notaries are usually not acceptable and 'traveling' or mobile notaries cannot legally notarize a document outside the geographical boundary of the state that they are authorized to do business.

Anyway, the notary service is not cheap at the Embassy.  Its $50 per signature or document.  You need to make an appointment is advance with the American Citizen Services section of the embassy and bring the proper ID, including your passport.

Lastly, FEDEX and DHL service is easily available for quickly and safely sending the documents back to the States  (Click on the highlighted names for locations in Thailand).  I went to the main distribution office on Rama III Road, near the Fish Head Restaurant and got my business done in less than 20 minutes.  Cost for documents to be sent back via International Express is around one thousand baht (actually 999 baht).

With that deal done, its time to kick back a bit.  Maybe some more beach time later in the week with Marina.

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