Monday, March 30, 2015

French Fried UPS

Posting from the resort, but only briefly as I am unprotected from lightning and power surges at the moment.  We had some trouble up here during the recent storms that have hit Thailand.  About a week ago, the resort and Bangkok even, was hit pretty hard with high winds, heavy rains, and huge thunder storms.  

Well, the good and bad news is that the UPS that I bought for the computer, printer,  and router at the resort did its job.  It protected the systems, and the printer from damage.  The bad news is that it is totally fried.  Never saw anything like it...the entire circuit board was burnt from one end to the other.  Looks like the power surge was so strong that it not only took out the initial contact point in the board, but traveled along the entire board.  We may have even been struck by lightning. 

Initial point from wall outlet is fried big time
Looks like power ran down the entire board.

According to B's mother, smoke was coming out of the unit and it shows on the outside of the box.

Smoke stains from the fried circuit board

Anyhow, I managed to salvage the three batteries inside for use in our motorcycles or other UPS units, but a trip into town is an urgent matter.  I don't want to take a chance of this happening to the motherboard of my computer.

This should be a lesson and warning to those coming to the land of smiles.  Bring some protection for your system, even if its just a surge protector.  You need protection from a variety of activities, but don't forget the use of your computer too.

More tomorrow when I go into town for a replacement.  I will feel better about using this system.

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  1. damn. scary stuff. I think I will go buy another ups just in case.


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