Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Home working on Resort Website

Been home mostly working on revising the resort website.  I had been using the Wordpress blogging facility for the most part because it was free to use from my hosting site.  But it has been limiting and very slow to work with so I am re-doing the entire site with another package called Joomla.  Never used it before, but its available in Open Source with lots of free templates, etc. Its widely downloaded (50 million), and is used by the biggies like eBay, UN, IKEA, etc.  The next few days will be interesting as I put my web developer and programmer hat back on.

Open source programs are the only way to go.  With the high cost of software and the crack down on pirated and illegal copies, it makes sense to look at alternatives.  Open source software is what the name implies.  The source code is open to all to see and contribute.  Usually, a core group is in charge of developing and managing the software and its widely shared.  Contributors enhance the software and work on maintenance and bug fixes.  Users are encourage to contribute to the effort, but are not required to do so.  Here is a complete definition of OSI

If you are thinking that you are getting second rate software...think again as these are examples of Open Source programs:

Open Office  (full featured office program similar to Microsoft Office); Mozilla Firefox (Browser and add-on, like Firebug); Filezilla (FTP file transfer); VLC Media Player (Great player for all kinds of media files); XBMC (Media streaming over the internet or local network); Google Chrome (browser)

As you can see from just a sample above, its quite a huge resource (hundreds of programs) available to everyone.  For a more comprehensive list by category, look at this link:  I've include numerous links in this post for all the software I have mentioned to save you time.  These should be the official sources as sometimes other sites try to hi-jack users with similar site names only to introduce unwanted software into the downloads.  

Open source, along with other freebies from Google, etc. can save one a lot of money on PC platforms whether it be laptop or desktop.  Its especially useful for those that are retired and on a budget and do not have to comply with 'corporate standards' when building their systems.

The plan is to work on the website the next couple of days between trips to the archery range and a planned outing to DreamWorld.  Little Marina is getting antsy again and it time to let her get some sun and fun.


  1. Thanks for sharing those links. Wow you do wear a lot hats. You are so technical in all aspects.

  2. My goal for this blog has always been one where I shared any info I've learned or experienced and not just blab, blab, blab about nonsense :-). I'm glad that you found the links useful and thanks for reading!.


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