Friday, March 20, 2015

Looking for some Kinder Surprise Eggs.......

I've been trying to find some Kinder Surprise Eggs in Bangkok with no success.  Maybe one of the readers of this blog might have a tip or some insight on how I can buy some of these.  With Easter approaching and the Easter Bunny wanting to give my daughter a little surprise....I tried to find them at Big C and Tesco with no luck.

What are Kinder Surprise Eggs?  Having lived in the USA for all these years, I never heard about them.  For one thing, they are banned.  And secondly, having possession of these eggs (like bringing them back), can land you in jail.   Kinder Surprise Eggs are Chocolate eggs made by Ferrero Candies, the same people that make those round gold foiled covered candies (Roche) you see everywhere, especially at the airports.  Inside the foil wrapped eggs is a toy surprise that can range from Disney Toys, to stickers, etc.

My understanding is that they are from Italy.  The reason why they are banned in the USA here. Here is an article of why bringing them back can land you in jail, just like Cuban Cigars.

Why the big deal for me?  Well I found out that my daughter loves to see them being opened.  She likes the following video more than cartoons or Little Baby Bum, or Sesame Street.  She will watch every one of the eggs being opened and ask for other videos just like this one.  So how can I not take the effort to find them for her?

What little info I found on the internet about their availability here has not panned out so far.  Today, I am planning to visit Toys R Us and maybe have some luck there.

No trip to Dreamworld today...forgot about B's meetings on Fridays.  She is in a marketing focus team that test baby products from various companies.  Its a paid position plus we get all kinds of free samples to test and try out.  Dream World will likely be  rescheduled to next week sometime before the Kite Festival comes to  Cha Am.  


  1. F7, these items are widely available in Canada. I have a co-worker coming to Thailand soon. Will ask her if she is passing thru Bangkok, and if she's willing to bring some over. JW.

  2. Hi JW,
    Thanks for the offer. I think after looking all day yesterday I found a source here in Bangkok - ordered them online and they will deliver for free!

    Take care


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