Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Quiet couple of days....

Been quite uneventful the last couple of days, thus no posting.  Kind of settled into a routine with regular chores, and kind of taking time to enjoy being with my daughter.  Both B and I don't want her to grow up as she is so cute and innocent right now.  But we know that she will and the days we have with her at this age are priceless.

Some kite flying friends are coming into town this week in preparation for the Cha Am International kite festival on Saturday and Sunday.  Plan to take a few out to dinner and then meet some others down in Cha Am this weekend.  I've not been involved in organizing or helping at either kite festival this year because of the logistics of traveling with Marina to these events and also because of politics.  These two festival are organized by two different groups and there is a bit of animosity between them and frankly I don't want to take sides.  So I declined both of them this year, opting to visit on my own time and expense as a spectator and fan.

Thus is the fate of mankind I guess.  Anytime you have three or more people you can potentially have a ton of politics with someone in the middle.  Best to keep clear and stay out of trouble.

Will be trying to go out the archery range again today. Want to get into a regular schedule so that I can improve on both my compound bow skills as well as my instinctive shooting with my traditional bare bow. I can now place all my arrows within the rings at 30 yards with my bare bow, which surprises me, as I can't really tell you how my body does it.  Shooting a basket ball, throwing a baseball, or tossing a wad of paper into the do you describe how you do it?  You just do it.

While a compound or Olympic re-curve bows are great for stationary target shooting, having a traditional bow to shoot quickly and at any distance is surely the way to go for survival or hunting.  Here is a video showing what is possible without all the fancy stabilizers, sights, releases, and $500 sets of arrows.  Jeff Kavanagh is my favorite and one of the best instinctive shooters/instructors in the world.

More later in the week before heading down to Cha Am for the kite festival.

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