Sunday, March 8, 2015

Quiet week so far in the Mango

Its been a fairly quiet week in the Mango.  Kinda refreshing in a way, with not too much to do or worry about.  We didn't make it to the beach on Thursday because B had a bad toothache and had to go the dentist.  Several cavities later and an appointment for a root canal kind of filled up the last few days.  At least she will be feeling better shortly.  

Women lose a lot of calcium when they have a baby and some even continue to do so after the baby has been born.  This was the case for B, and her teeth suffered quite a bit.  She needs to also have her bone density checked as well to make sure that she doesn't have more problems when she gets older and takes a fall.  Lucky for us, medical treatment and expenses in the land of smiles are both very convenient and reasonably priced.  

B also developed a minor case of diabetes during her pregnancy due to the weight gain.  With her weight loss and some dietary changes, her blood sugar is now under control.  Its tough to have a baby, and I am glad I can't have one, but it doesn't preclude me feeling badly about all the stuff B is going through.  On the other hand, B and I both would do it all over again for have Marina.

I had a chance to go to the archery range on Thursday.  Brought my traditional bow only and practiced 'instinctive' shooting, a technique where no sights or reference points are used on the bow.  One only looks at the target and then uses one's instinctive ability to shoot the arrow to that target.  Similar to throwing a ball, tossing a piece of paper to a wastebasket, or shooting a basketball - one does it through feel and instinct.   Its not as precise as using a sight and scope, but its faster and much more rewarding and practical in the field.  

Got all but a couple of arrows on the paper up to 20 yards and many into the bullseye's area so it does work!  Going to add it regularly to our sessions at the range.   In fact, I'm heading out there in a few minutes and will likely take my traditional bow with me today.

Meanwhile a trip upcountry is planned for tomorrow morning.  They are also going to doing some work on my condo while I am away.  Evidently, the unit about me developed a leak in one of their pipes (which is in my ceiling) and they need to repair it.  I wouldn't let them do it last week because it would leave a hole in my roof for a day or so, and it was best that I not be there for the dust and mess.  
More later or from the country.  Time to get ready for Archery!!

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