Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Great Easter Egg hunt

Spent a big portion of the day doing the "Easter Egg hunt" for those elusive Kinder Surprise eggs.  Went to a couple of the larger Big Cs and Lotus Tesco Extras and even visited the local Toys R Us with no success.  Was going to go out to Siam Paragon and Central World, but it was just too hot and muggy so I decided to stay in last night.  I even missed the free buffet as I took a long nap and didn't wake up in time.  Finally went to a couple of Thai Toy forums and found a website that was selling them.  

With the magic of Google translate, many of these websites are no longer a mystery or taboo to deal with.  In fact, they are a very valuable source of information from the locals that are tech savvy and use all the social media tools just like any place else.  

Anyway, found this site:  They cost about $8 USD for three eggs so they are not cheap.  I think that's about double the price of them elsewhere.  But the value to my little girl is priceless as they say. As you can see on the site, they have them in a variety of choices from Disney to Spiderman.  Now I will just have to wait for them to arrive.  Thankfully there are two more weeks before Easter.

Plane to work on the resort website again today and maybe venture out later if the weather isn't too bad.  But for now, all is well in the big mango.

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