Monday, March 9, 2015


Up in the country this week.  Hopefully will be back on Thursday or Friday at the latest.  Going to look at an offer from one of the neighbors next to our resort.  He wants to sell his property, saying he is too old to work the land anymore.  Unfortunately he is asking too much right now and the property, while it has potential is a potential money pit for more money.

For one, the property is in the flood zone.  We are too, but our property is built up over 20 feet higher than our neighbors and is even higher than the road.  That means lots of gravel and dirt has to be hauled in if we are going to build on it.  

Secondly, there is little use for it at its present state except as a farm.  Do we want to get back into farming again after all that we went through before?....a big question.  Money to be made, but a lot of back breaking work.

But the advantage is that if we buy these parcels, we will have a contiguous 16 Rai parcel with double the lake frontage.  Something that is pretty hard to find in this area. We can turn it into our own personal farm and grow organic veggies and extra fancy rice as a possibility. Can even lease the property and take a  percentage or a flat rental rate per year.  Lots of decisions.  Going to at least walk the property tomorrow before making any kind of decision.  Keeping in mind my belief that money is fiat and that converting money to real assets is the only way to preserve value.  

Anyway, decisions, decisions, decisions.

Lastly, our resort is finally on Google Maps.  The latest version of maps has the resort in its satellite view as well as the street view.  Here are the GPS coordinates if you are interested in taking a peek!
15.653823, 101.936486.  <--Click on link to go to google maps - then drag the little person to location desired for a street view.

Even the streets in B's little village has been mapped and street views created - and her whole village is pretty small so my guess is that in the near future, many guys can now check up on their teerak's little house in the village.   Just need an address or GPS coordinate and you are good to go!

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