Friday, April 17, 2015


Getting annual health screening exam today.  Skipped last year as I got a pretty good exam due to being here for three days due to a kidney stone procedure.
Internet with True 3G is great and it allows me to surf and post during the long waits between stations.

Prices are up to $427 for the executive exam with the stress test.  Nine years ago when I first started it was less than $250.  Just gives one the idea that health care costs are not immune to inflation, not even here in the land of smiles.

Hoping all comes out well.  More later after the exam.

**** Update  ****

Finished my exam and things haven't really changed, which is good news.  Still have my congenital  heart murmur, mild hypertension, elevated cholesterol and a fatty liver.  All in check and not really so that bad that I need to be on medication (which I won't take due to the side effects anyway).  

Passed the EKG and Stress Test so my heart is good to go for another year.  In light of all that could be wrong, these are conditions that can be dealt with and controlled with lifestyle changes so I am very thankful for more time on this merry go round ride.  Tomorrow its back the  gym workouts or walks, and better food and lots more sleep.  

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