Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Feels like 128F .....or more.

How can I describe living in a furnace?  Its hot.  Really hot.  

Back upcountry now and its 103F, with elevated humidity.  How much, I don't know, but at Don Mueang, the heat index is 128F and its only 100.6F.  My guess is that its somewhere in the 130F range.  Suppose to rain today but it hasn't so far and the clouds have brought in the humid air making it hot and sticky.  This is not a good time to be in the Land of Smiles except to be indoors.  Just for the record, the highest temperature recorded at Death Valley in California is 129F...just one degree higher than the 'feels like' temperature at Don Mueang.  In Death Valley, the humidity is so low that 129F feels like 129F so its a valid comparison.  

Anyway, the trip back upcountry was uneventful except for the weather.  Glad to be back at the resort, inside my air conditioned office where I expect to spend lots of time today.  Got my taxes paid this morning and even made a bid on Ebay.  Plans are to stay until Songkran and then get back quickly to the mango for a few days before going back to California (to cool off hopefully).

Today and this time of year is when I don't say, 'wish you were here'.  Don't want to punish anyone that doesn't like the heat.  In the meantime, some cold OJ and maybe a nap might be order.  Wait for the weather to cool off tonight before venturing outside.  Don't want to die of heat stroke.

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