Monday, April 20, 2015

Four days before California

There are just four days left on this end of the bookend before going to California.  Will be there for two months on a variety of missions.  One is to get some final paperwork done for a real estate deal that started 18 months ago.  Once completed, its going to be clear sailing for a long long time.  Two months is an eternity for a new father however so I value every precious moment I can spend with Marina these last few days here.  We plan on using Line and Line video a lot to stay in touch, but its not quite the same as being together physically.

Next week, I will be working as a volunteer at the Cadillac Match Play Golf Championships in the city.  Driving disabled patrons to their seats and doing general transport work is the only way to work in a golf tournament. You have an open ticket to roam the entire gold course in a golf cart and just wait for assignments as they come up.   During the US Open, I was stuck inside all the time at the gift shop being a cashier.  You can never tell on this kind of assignment what comes up.  For example, about five years ago, I had both Tiger Woods and the Commissioner of the PGA Tour as my passengers - I couldn't help thinking here are these two billion dollar people in my golf cart ... good thing I didn't screw up driving as I could have changed the course of history (maybe for the better?).

I will also be participating in a pilgrimage to Italy next month.  Never been to that part of Europe so it should be very exciting.  More on that as it gets closer.

This was at 8AM this morning - heat index already at 95F at airport

Lastly, as usual, there is a flurry of activity getting things ready for my trip.  Have to do some more shopping and want to get in some last minute activities before I go back.  Unfortunately the mango's weather has started to get really hot and sticky.  Supposed to be 98F in the mango today and my weather station is showing 79% humidity.  If it stays that way, people are going to die today of heat stroke because the heat index is over 142F.  

I did go out to the archery range yesterday to do some shooting with my new bow.  It performed extremely well and with a change that I made to the string and some padding, the bow is almost silent when I shoot my arrows.  It was hot, but not as bad as its supposed to be today.  Its not a good time to be outdoors in the mango today.


  1. Was hoping to meet you (for the first time) and Jerry (3rd time) when I get to BKK on 5/17. I go by Trader Joe in his blog. Anyway, have great and safe trips.

  2. Hey TJ,
    Hope to meet with you the next time you are in town. Unfortunately this trip has been planned for some time and I needed to get some things wrapped up for longer and longer stays.

    Have fun on your stay over here!


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