Sunday, April 12, 2015

heading back to the mango tomorrow

As per our usual schedule, we are heading back tomorrow to the mango.  We always like to leave on Songkran's first day to avoid the traffic jams coming back into the the city.  Many will make this a week long holiday and won't return until next Monday, but I am leaving on the 23rd and want to spend a few days in the mango to pick up some things for the trip back.   We are full tonight, but B's mother and sister seem to have the situation under control.   I will hate to leave the resort as the weather has been both strange and very pleasant for this time of year.  

For example, today the sun was out, but it was only in the low 80s with a pleasant breeze.  If I didn't know better,  I would have thought I was in the Islands.  A tropical atmosphere, everyone wearing their Songkran shirts, which look similar to Hawaiian shirts, so all we needed was some Hawaiian music and some leis and the picture would have been complete.

Talking about leis, we made some up today as well.  We planted 17 plumeria trees last year and they are finally just starting to bloom.  It seems like all the work I put into spraying and caring for the trees has paid off.  One of the trees was from B's grandfather's house and is over 15 years old.  Anyway, it was fun gathering the flowers and everyone got into the act - including Marina (See picture on the right).  At some point, I think we should give every guest that checks in a lei when the trees are in bloom -- what do you think?...too corny?

Short post and have to run as its B's mother's birthday today.  Took her out to eat at Hot Pot buffet this afternoon and outside they are preparing another little 'party' tonight.  She doesn't want any birthday cake, instead she wants only durian for dessert (its in season and absolute delicious now).  Strange, but as they say, this is Thailand.

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