Monday, April 6, 2015

In the mango for the night

Yep, I'm in the mango, but only for tonight.  Tomorrow I am heading back up to the country after getting some chores taken care of  this afternoon.  

Got everything done from a car wash to replacing two new tires for Vanna, to getting my stuff for paying my property taxes.  Getting new tires for Vanna is something I will blog more about later in the week.  There is a street in Bangkok where nearly every store is a tire shop.  Some of the best prices and selection  of tires in town.  Service is fast and good too.  The dental appointment was rescheduled, but I think I should have kept it as I think I had enough time - but there is always the week after Songkran.

Getting back to the Mango, it feels different.  It seems like 1/2 of the city has already taken off  for the holidays as the streets are not as crowded and the traffic is half way decent.  After a short nap, I plan on a steak dinner and some roti down the street.  

More tomorrow as its nap time!

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