Saturday, April 18, 2015

New Bow

Well Bangkok Buddy and I were at a new archery range the other day and I ended up buying a new bow.  Didn't know that they would post my purchase on their Facebook account.  Anyway, it turned out that while we were there and talking, the manager brought out a sample of a bow they have ordered from China.  

Shot a whole bunch of arrows with the bow side by side with a $700 wooden "Bear Paw" bow from Germany and it felt almost exactly alike.  Very smooth and accurate and only $4900 baht plus they charged me for the string and fur ball silencers.  So now I own a full sized recurve and made a bunch of new friends and shooting buddies at Rama 2 Archery.

I bought the sample bow instead of a new one and have no regrets.  My Statistics professor once told me something at school that I never forgot.  He said, people always assume that samples, whether they are free or not, are exactly like the 'big batch' of the product you are likely to receive.  But not so he said, "In every batch of products, there are good, typical, and poor units".  "Why would the manufacturer ever send out a typical or poor unit for sale or evaluation -- he wouldn't - they would always send out the better units to try to convince the potential buyer to order".   Ever since, whenever I find a good product at a store or show, I try to buy the sample that is there because more often than not, when my new product arrives, it didn't feel or perform like  one I tried.

Yeah, that guy in green shirt sure has a weird expression on his face as he gets ready to shoot.

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