Friday, April 3, 2015

Our Natural Fish Spa

If you have traveled to the land of smiles, you have likely heard of and maybe experienced one of the fish foot spas.  They are located all over the mango at major tourist spots, hotels, and little shops throughout town.  In fact, there are over 1.300 registered fish spas in Thailand

Fish spas are places where for around 200-300 baht, tiny fish will eat all the loose and dead skin off your feet.  You just plunk your feet into the tank, and hundreds of tiny little critters nibble and bite your feet and toes - supposedly taking a tiny piece of your dead skin away in the process.  It has become very popular in the mango, but I've never had the inclination to try it.

My curiosity about fish spas was peaked yesterday when B told me that there was a place where you could get the same experience but it was totally free and much more hygienic than plopping your feet in the same tank as other strangers who have used it before you.  It seems like there are areas in Tat Ton National park where the stream from Tat Ton Waterfall flows very smoothly and forms ponds.  In those ponds are hundreds/thousands of fish that will nibble and eat the skin off your feet just like the commercial foot fish spas.   

Quiet little 'fish spa' spot of our very own

We had some time yesterday morning so we took a short drive to the park and found the spot B was talking about.  Guess what, the fish do bite your feet and give a kind of tickle every time they suck and bite on your skin.  Get a bunch of them on your feet and it feels a bit like a very low level shock.  Not sensual by any means, but like a funny kind of foot massage.  Sat for about an hour so I must have the cleanest feet in the entire country!

Daddy with Marina enjoying his fish spa treatment

Tiny fish clean off all the dead skin and stuff from the bottom of your feet

It was also a great time to take Marina and Grandma out for some time together.  Family time is hard to come by now with the resort approaching Songkran.  We are going to be booked solid during the holidays and that means everyone has to be helping in one way or another.  There will be time for play, but we will do it before and after the big holiday.

Three generations of girls having some fun

Hopefully, I can make it back for a day or so to the mango.  I have a dentist appointment that I want to keep, but don't want to travel back and forth just for that.  More later in the week.

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