Thursday, April 9, 2015

The deal........

A few posts back, I indicated that we were considering buying some parcels around the resort.  The guy that owns them has the deeds at the bank, meaning he has borrowed money on the land and is having a hard time paying off the loan.  Its not surprising because the last couple of years in the North East have been very hard on farmers.  With the collapse of rice prices and this year's drought situation, the yields have been less than expected.  Anyway, we waited and he lowered the price again and I think we were offered the land for a very decent price.

Well I finally made the decision to buy the parcels around us for strategic and economic reasons.  First of all, the land is very fertile...if we get enough water.  Second, we will more than double our lakefront exposure, making our land more valuable in the process.  I plan to address the water issue by building a large irrigation pond/fish pond where we can raise Tilapia organically for our own use and for sale in the local area.  There has been a lot of bad press regarding Tilapia recently saying it was worse than bacon, but those reports are for commercially grown fish.  We plan on using our own organic blend of fish food and growing conditions because we plan to eat what we grow too.  The pond will also be our reserve supply of water during the summer months for our crops.  A khlong will be built to supply the pond with fresh water from a nearby creek which has water year round.

On the lakefront side, we are thinking of filling in part of the front side for a small market and a landscaped rest stop  area where we will rent out the space for local food and drink vendors.   We will have enough land for our own fish and even ducks, land for rice, and rental income.  Together, our parcels will be just under 20 rai with lakefront and stream access rights.   All of this in the process of building self sufficiency and in the event the stuff hits the fan in terms of a global economic crisis.

Anyway, we have 60 days to close the deal and the owner gets to keep his current crop of rice so its going to be a few months before we start anything.  In fact, I think we may want to wait until next year.  I want to see the flooding patterns for the property and decide where we want to put the big fish pond and khlongs for irrigation.  We know some people with lots of heavy machinery who are very cheap that would be perfect for the job.

In the meantime, its preparation time for Songkran.  Got to go into town to buy some water guns and other toys for our trip around the neighborhood.  

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