Tuesday, April 28, 2015

This one is for my buddy Barnaby

I knew I was getting old when I started getting mail from the AARP (formerly American Association of Retired Persons).  In reality, AARP is an organization that aggressively promotes a variety of products and services to its members (mostly seniors) and non members.  Its a NGO with a powerful lobbying agenda and has both a profit and non-profit arm.  

But this just came up recently from them...check these two videos out.

The first:

and now the second...

Strange or bizarre or both?

Martial law in the US will not look or feel anything like the Martial Law we have in Thailand. The FEMA camps are ready as are the stockpiles of plastic coffins.  The people here are more violent and have not experienced this kind of government control.  Things can get out of hand very quickly nationwide.  Crazy thinking?...no just being open minded and observant.  

I personally don't trust a government that loses hard drives, wipes out backup tapes, and a potential Presidential candidate that totally wipes clean her private email servers to be able to cope with any major event.   If you want to entrust your life and future to these folks alone, then do so at your own peril.  

We are already at a critical tipping point where only a very small spark can set things off.  Some examples of a 'small spark'.

- a computer failure that knocks out the EBT system for an extended time (or forever)
- a major, extended,  power grid failure due to sabotage, sunspots, or human error
- a major natural disaster affecting multiple regions or a wide spread area
- a biological outbreak
- a financial or currency crisis or multiple bank failures
- a major political, racial, or social event (i.e. like Baltimore the last few days)

So this video may be nothing but a big joke by someone....but it sure isn't very funny because its too close to reality.

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