Saturday, April 4, 2015

Total Eclipse of the moon

There is a total eclipse of the moon in Thailand tonight.  Out in back of the resort, where its dark, we can see the moon slowly emerging after being covered for about the last 30 minutes.  The last time I saw this phenomenon was on a cruise ship sailing in the Caribbean, but it was a cloudy night and we only saw glimpses of the moon through the clouds.

Just realized that this picture totally sucks..its better live than in pictures!

Its a totally cloudless tonight as we are preparing an outdoor barbecue and so I took a couple of snaps.  It didn't turn out too good, but if I took a shot of the moon when it was fully covered, it would be just a black photo.  Anyway, couldn't ask for a better place to view it as there are no city lights or high buildings to obstruct the view.  

 A lot of people at the resort tonight, including B's sister.  They are starting their Songkran holidays with a stopover here before going North to her husband's home.  They will return here next week for the new year.  Also, one of B's nephews got drafted today...fortunately he is going to be assigned to Bangkok and not the deep south.  So there is a bit of joy at the homestead tonight.

I can remember when there was a draft in the US during the Vietnam War.  My birthday was 21st out of a possible 365.  When my student exemption ran out, I was drafted.  Fortunately, I failed the physical and was classified 4F to the relief of my parents.  If I passed that physical, they told me I would be on the next bus to the induction center...would have changed the whole course of my life..maybe I would have discovered the land of smiles even sooner???

Anyway, on a more positive note, here are the more interesting pictures...yep food!

barbecued Calamari

Still fresh as B's sister just came up from the mango with them

T-Bone Steak round out the feast for tonight
Our full moon party in Issan...yum yum

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