Saturday, April 4, 2015

Triple digits this weekend

Starting about yesterday, its been triple digit temperatures at the resort and that is expected to continue until at least Tuesday.  In Thailand, it gets hot this time of year, but triple digit weather for any length of time is not that common.  Good thing for us, the humidity is lower than in the lowlands like the big mango where is currently around 52%.  That actually makes the temperature feel a lot hotter, like by about +7 F.  I see our weather as being like California's central valley during the hottest days of summer.  Hot during the day, with a pleasant cool off in the evening.  Mornings are cool and pleasant so that is when I do my walking and exercise.  Afternoons are reserved for naps....yes the good life here in the country.

Marina and the other kids spent time in the kiddie pool yesterday and it was hard to get them to come out.  It did keep them busy all afternoon and let me do some more work on the resort website.  I am a little behind in finishing, having had to learn a whole new system for building the site.  But for the most part, I'm done except for the auto-linking of the blog and adding some more content.  Check out the website here, if you are interested.

B bought some more 'magic berry' trees yesterday.  They were small trees and were selling for 50 baht apiece.  If they all grow, we are going to have a bunch of magic berries all year round.  I don't know the economics of selling them, but they sure are a lot of fun.  Maybe some boutique shops or places on Khao San Road might sell them, but commercially I think its more of a curiosity than anything practical.  Just ask next time you are visiting the land of smiles...I will bring a bunch for you to try...or even host a magic berry tasting party one day.

Lastly, I might still do the one or two day trip back to the mango in a day or so.  I have to get some information to pay a tax bill and also make a dental appointment.  Whatever the decision, it will be a very quick turnaround.

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