Wednesday, April 22, 2015

twas the night before California.....

Its my last night on this end of the bookend until I head off for California.  Didn't do anything special tonight and in fact, we tried to keep it as normal as possible and had dinner at home.  Both B and I see this as a business trip and the Land of Smiles is my home now.  Its a mindset that one has to take to make this kind of absence bearable.  I will miss Marina the most.  She sleeps with us every night and her playfulness and personality really gives us a lot of laughter and joy during the day.

Having had boys before, I can testify that having a girl is totally different.  

Spent part of the day at the Archery range with Bangkok Buddy before going out for some last minute shopping at MBK.   Bought some shirts and a couple of back up battery packs.   I still have all morning tomorrow and lunch before going to the airport around 1:30PM.  My flight is around 4:20PM so that will give me plenty of time to check in and get some food at the EVA lounge.  EVA has a late Thursday departure which I like better than their normal 12:30PM flight.

Its supposed to rain tomorrow so hopefully there won't be any delays in the flight.  In a way, its good to get out of the Mango for a bit.  Its 90F outside my window now and its almost midnight, so I will definitely be enjoying the cool bay area weather.  By the time I get back, it will hopefully be cooler and the start of rainy season...yeah!   

Packing for California is pretty easy.  If I forget anything, I can always buy it there.  Aside from phones, etc., I am also putting any files I need on my shared drives.  I use Google Drive and dropbox to keep files that I want to share between my machines in Bangkok, the Resort, and California.  That way there is no need to carry around a lot of portable hard drives, etc.   The free storage is limited to 15GB, but one can buy up to 1 TB of storage for $10 a month.  

I seldom go over 15 GB of shared files so the free option works just fine for me.  Besides, I don't put a lot of personal stuff on the 'cloud' drives because you never know if it can be target of a security breech.

Anyway, more tomorrow as its my final chance for some quality time with the girls tonight.

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