Saturday, April 11, 2015

Weird Weather

The weather up here has been really strange the last couple of days.  Supposedly there is a high pressure ridge from China that is pushing strong wind and storms down into Thailand.  Its been overcast the last three days, a welcome relief to the oven hot sunny weather we had earlier in the week.  Seems like it wants to rain, but only a few scattered drops here and there.  But the weather is much cooler and anything can happen.  If the pattern holds true to the weather forecasts, it might even rain on Songkran day.  That is going to put a dampener on the water festivities up here and all around the country.

So far the week has been pretty quiet, despite being almost full.  We have one open room today, but the rest of the weekend and most of next week is fully booked.  Nothing to do while the guests are out except to watch over the resort and surf the net.  The security cameras are all up and capture nearly everything should there be an issue.  

Plans call for me to return to the mango sometime next week.  I want to do my annual health screening and get my dental appointment that I missed taken care of before going to California.  In the meantime, have a happy Songkran everyone, no matter where you are.  Especially if you are in of our guests told me this morning that it was flooded.  Don't know if its true, but will see if I can find out more info.  If its true, then mother nature wanted to get in on the water fun this year...a good drenching of rain on Songkran day...just like last year.

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