Monday, May 4, 2015

Coming up for some air

After being fully immersed in the golf tournament for the last few days, its good to not have to drive into the city for a bit.  There were some very long days in which there was only time to eat and sleep after getting back.  Its good to have some time again for normal activities again.  As an event, I think it came off pretty good.  The crowds were not as large as expected, but TV coverage and viewing audience seemed to be better than normal.  People like to see head to head competitions and the drama of match play, with its back and forth swings, offer much more drama to golf than normal where a player just keeps score against the entire field.

The big drama of the competition was the confrontation in the video below.  Golf is a 'gentleman's' game and this kind of stuff just doesn't happen on the pro tours. Gosh, they even whisper during the commentary!  This was a kind of a meaningless match as they had both already been eliminated from going forward - but you can see the emotions were running kinda hot....  At least it was emotionally better than the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight - that was a big dud.  Its going to be interesting to see what the PGA/European tour does to the this tournament spans three professional tours.  They have both apologized to the tournament directors and audience, but they are not likely to be having drinks together this weekend at the Player's championship.

Some chores to do this week and lots of laundry.  Gosh, I miss my maid Pond already......

Two more weeks before my trip to Italy and tons of business and mail to go through.

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