Saturday, May 30, 2015

Nong..and a new twist on Khao Mun Gai

Men in Thailand hold the power, but its the women who keep the rest of the country up.  You see it in the villages and neighbors of the mango.  Immigrants like Nong are what built the USA and without people like her, the existing pool of government assisted deadbeats can't carry us for the future.

An inspiration, but most importantly....her quote that 'giving first' will result in getting back...often many times over.  Nong was like many of the girls you see in the big mango...broke, unable to speak English, and uneducated, but like many of them, she had the fire in her belly to do better.  Will we ever have that among our youths again?

TEDx = "We exist to dream—to think up what might be—with not one vision, but many"

On the other side of the spectrum, Jon Jandai has another perspective, we make it hard on ourselves.  Only thing is that here in the USA, many things that he did are not legal.

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  1. good story.. I want to get an order of her khao mun gai now. hehehe. portland, oregon? vito in sacramento is going up there on june 16. maybe go too for a few days before heading to reno on june 21. ..see you soon, craig. 2 more days to gooooo...


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