Friday, May 15, 2015

Still here.......

Still packing my bags and getting ready for the trip to Italy on Sunday.  A few more days to do things like working on my taxes, more archery, and chores.  My trip will involve stops in Rome, Pompei, Pisa, Assi, Florence, Venice, Milan, and Turin.  We will also get to visit the Vatican where hopefully we will see the Pope during one of his public masses.  I am going with my godmother's family on a pilgrimage to visit historical religious sites in addition to the popular tourist venues.  It will terminate with a viewing of the Shroud of Turin, the controversial garment that is rarely shown to the public.  The last time it was shown was in 2010 and it was viewed by 2.5 million visitors.

It it real?  Real or not, its interesting. 

 Don't know what arrangements I can make for internet access, but I think it will be limited to WiFi at the hotels.  I might be able to find a sim card for my phone, but since its all new to me, it may take a couple of days to get oriented.  I will however, take a lot of pictures.

More as I get closer to takeoff.

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