Saturday, May 16, 2015

Went to the range yesterday..again

Took a trip out to the archery range in the Oakland hills yesterday as I was testing out a couple of my new bows.  Once I get back from Italy, I will only have a couple of weeks here in California before going home to the mango.  In the meantime, I have to figure out what accessories and parts I will need buy so that I can bring them back with me.  Archery parts and bows are generally cheaper in California except, bows from Korea and parts from Japan.  The US still dominates a lot of the industry and good deals can be had on eBay and the various Archery Forums for used equipment.  The only limitation are the full size bows, which are too bulky or long to conveniently check-in with the airlines.  If they do accept the bows, they will make you sign all kinds of waivers against damage, etc.

The local archery range also has targets of various distances set up in the woods among the trees.  You walk the trail, just like a golf course, and you shoot at the targets and keep score.    Some of targets are foam animals and others are targets or pictures of animals.  The hiking is kind of strenuous as its on hilly terrain and the targets are either uphill or downhill, making you have to adjust for elevation in your shots.  Beats shooting at paper targets all day long.

Before I left the mango last time, I bought a bow from Rama 2 archery.  They have a lot of traditional archery shooters there and also have a lot more space for distant targets and games.  One that I hope to catch is depicted in the video below.

กระต่ายวิ่ง มายิงกระต่ายกันครับบบบ
I enjoy this kind of variation to still paper targets because in real life hunting or survival conditions, the prey will seldom stay still and wait patiently for you to adjust your sight and aim before getting shot.  Also shows why a traditional bow, while not as fancy or glamorous as a high tech compound bow, can be more useful in survival and hunting conditions.

Anyway, will do some final packing today and then it will be off to Europe tomorrow.  Found out that most of our hotels have some kind of WiFi, so it will be a lot easier to keep in touch and maybe do some posting on the road.

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