Saturday, June 20, 2015

An early warning for those that think it could never happen...

Remember a few months back when I said that the US was one big computer crash away from social upheaval and societal breakdown?  One would think that things like that would not be possible with today's technology and our country's computer expertise.  A computer crash of a major system such as the EBT or Social Security system, especially if its extended, could cause riots and looting in the cities across the nation.

One would think that a system that issues US visas for 50,000 people a day around the world would be one of those systems with lots of redundancy and support.  But as events have revealed, that isn't the case.  You would assume that the system that provides visas to all types of workers and visitors should be bullet proof, especially if its used by embassies all over the world.  Not so, the system has been down since June 9th.  Maybe another week, the team of over 100 systems experts say....

Ten days and still counting.  A hardware problem, or ???.  This time we were lucky, it only hurts people visiting the US legally.

If the EBT card system crashes and is down for 10 days, most stores would be looted clean and most Americans have less than 3 days of food in storage.  On day 3, roaming looters will be on the streets.  On day 5 and 6, 44 million  people will be out looking for food and by day 10, I think the US of A will be a war zone with thousands dead from starvation and fighting.  As a nation, we are woefully ill prepared for these types of outages, which as a former computer specialist, I know will inevitably happen.

 Ever see a McDonald's counter when the computer crashes?  Or a department store when the scanners don't work?  There is no way we could handle anything like a system crash that impact 44 million people.  So be like Bangkok Buddy and stock up a boat load of food and are just one computer crash away from possible starvation.

This guy is right on....

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