Friday, June 19, 2015

Back home in the Mango

 And its not even 1PM.  In fact, I've already taken my shower fired up my internet and gotten my mail before getting on to the internet.  Had to reboot the modem, but everything else seems to be doing fine.  We landed at 10:40AM, about 20 minutes ahead of schedule.

It was a very special day for me as I had indicated in Taipei.  The ride over was exceptionally smooth and as I was boarding, I was told I was upgraded Royal Laurel Class, which is business class with the totally flat lie down chair and pods.  The seats are huge!  Too bad its for only the 3 hours segment as I would have liked to try them out on a longer flight.  Took some pictures of the seats and the meal (breakfast) and will post them some other day.

Also got a "premium line" pass so that I could get through immigration faster too  That privilege along with the priority baggage, got me out of the airport in less than a half hour, including the long walk from the plane to immigration.  It was like the old days when arriving in Thailand.

Taxis were also fast and great today, no funny business so I guess the government crackdown on the abusers have taken effect.  Nice driver and I tipped him well for doing a nice job.

A nap is in order as I am waiting for Marina to come back from her Great Aunt's  place.  Ah....its really good to be home..

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