Saturday, June 20, 2015

First day back....

and it feels wonderful.  Can't describe family re-unions, especially those between father and daughter, but they are special moments without much equal and impossible to describe in words...only emotions.  Marina has grown up so much in the seven weeks that I have been away.  She is a lot more verbal now, with many more words in her vocabulary.  She can also make 2-3 word sentences now..and for those interested, she speaks Thai.  She can understand us when we speak English, but her vocabulary is primarily Thai with simple 'yes', 'no', 'Wow', etc English words mixed in.  With still another week to go until she is two, her development is amazing to me.

We went out to dinner last night and was in bed by 10 PM.

Woke up early this morning because of jet lag and began to unpack my bags.  Around 8AM. I went downstairs to the gym to work out and its likely that I will get really sleepy this afternoon.  But that is always the case the first week or so on both sides of the bookends.

My chores today include making a trip to the salon to deliver some merchandise as well as a trip to the TRUE service center.  If you haven't officially registered your phone's simcard yet, do so right away as one of my numbers was blocked while I was away.  To remove the block, you have to take the simcard and your passport/ID to your Mobile Phone Provider's service center to get it registered.
Diagonal Configuration for completely flat seats

Anyway, as promised here are some pictures from yesterday flight from Taipei to the mango.

Notice my feet all stretched out and still more room to spare

Chinese style breakfast - unlimited joke refills too!

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